Mother of Six Executed in ‘Road Rage’ Incident

"He definitely doesn’t have any care," sheriff says of suspect

Image Credits: Robeson County Sheriff.

A male suspect has been arrested in the brutal murder of a 47-year-old woman on a highway in North Carolina on Thursday, according to reports.

Dejywan R. Floyd, 29, of Lumberton, NC, has been charged with first-degree murder and discharging a weapon into an occupied property following the death of Julie Eberly, 47, of Manheim, Pennsylvania.

Ms. Eberly was shot as she and her husband traveled southbound on I-95 at approximately 11:40 a.m. on Thursday.

“The investigation revealed a road rage encounter unknowingly developed after the victim’s GMC Yukon came close to the suspect’s Chevrolet Malibu during a merge into a lane,” the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office explained on social media. “The suspect then pulled to the victim’s passenger side, rolled down his window and fired multiple shots into the passenger door.”

“Witnesses stated that the suspect then drove off and exited at Exit 22. The victim’s vehicle then pulled over on I95 and waited for medical assistance.”

The Eberlys were reportedly headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina, to celebrate their wedding anniversary at the time of the incident.

“Some guy just shot into my car and my wife’s hit,” Ryan said.

“Keep breathing, Julie. Honey, breathe.”

Floyd apparently became angry when the Eberly vehicle came too close to his and discharged his weapon.

“I saw his eyes last night, he definitely doesn’t have any care,” Sheriff Burnis Wilkins said. “I was there this morning, just after midnight when we arrested him. And just to look at the cold face that he’s got. His nonchalant, ‘I don’t care that I’m getting arrested’ look. I can only imagine what those folks saw out there on I-95 when he looked over and shot. It actually makes you angry.”

“This is one of those cases that you hear about that had this man been locked up — which is where he should’ve been — [Julie Eberly] would’ve been on her vacation today.”

Video evidence of the biggest crime committed by the executive branch in U.S. history.

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