Mother Speaks Out: Son Suffers Blood Clots In Brain Days After Covid Vaccine

'He is lucky to be alive today but his life will never be the same,' brave mom warns.

Image Credits: piyaphat50 / Getty.

A Utah mother is posting on Facebook to try and warn other parents about the dangerous side effects of Covid vaccines that are not being stressed enough by doctors or the government.

In April of 2021, “nine days after the Covid vaccine,” Cherie Romney’s son had an “adverse reaction” to the shot, according to medical records.

“Altered his life path forever,” wrote Romney. “He is lucky to be alive today but his life will never be the same. In 2021, everyone who talked about this had their social media pages frozen. We need truth in reporting these events. It is not rare & it happened to us.”

Posting again about her son Everest’s April 2021 ICU visit with blood clots in the brain, Romney wrote, “We need to tell the truth about what we are being told to put in our children’s bodies. Medical records clearly state the cause.”

The mother also criticized social media censorship regarding the controversial vaccine issue, writing, “This is truth, our truth, not misinformation. But if I write it here, this post may be silenced.”

Last week, the outspoken mother revealed she had to take Everest to the emergency room for another blood clot, this one located in “a deep vein in his right leg.”

The boy’s heart may also be permanently damaged from the inflammation caused by the jab and he’s still dealing with the lasting effects of his brain injury.

Romney sarcastically wrote on Facebook, “Thanks Covid vaccine, thanks to the US government. My former 6’9″ basketball player is no longer a basketball player & he is back on blood thinners starting tonight. So glad I was doing ‘the right thing’ & protecting him from Covid, bummer that the lies about that have altered his life forever & almost killed him. Covid never even made him sick.”

Just two days later, Everest was back in the ER after his deep vein thrombosis moved to his lungs.

Young Americans are suffering similar health issues more and more as the Covid shots begin to wreak havoc on the bodies of those who were injected with the experimental concoction.

Earlier this week, another basketball player, 16-year-old Keyonna Garrison suffered a stroke and had to be hospitalized.

A fundraising campaign created for the teen girl explained, “Garrison had a blocked vertebral artery, causing her to have a stroke. She had been in the intensive care unit (ICU) for quite some time, but after undergoing numerous tests and treatments, she was finally removed.”

“She is on the road to recovery but it will be a long and emotional journey,” the web page added.

A player for NFL’s Buffalo Bills named Damar Hamlin also suffered a scary heart complication during a Monday Night Football game last week in what became a nationally covered story.

Thankfully, all three of the young and healthy individuals cited above are alive and battling to stay healthy.

However, not everyone is as lucky as is evidenced by the dozens of people who have “died suddenly” in recent months.

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