MSM Downplays Sandy Hook Lawyers’ Absurd Request for $2.75 TRILLION from Alex Jones

Stupidly colossal figure too ridiculous even by mainstream media standards.

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Sandy Hook lawyers’ request for $2.75 trillion in punitive damages from Infowars host Alex Jones was so ridiculous that many mainstream publications either did not report on it, or greatly downplayed the development.

In the wake of the wildly astronomical amount reported by Bloomberg News Friday, several news outlets attempted to run cover for the lawyers’ outrageous monetary demand.

First, Reuters downplayed the calculation – which supposedly factors in 550 million Infowars Sandy Hook social media impressions and multiplies them by a fine of $5,000 – saying families merely sought “steep” damages.

The fact lawyers “said that by one metric, they could be entitled to $2.75 trillion” was relegated to the eighth paragraph.

That report was aggregated to several other news sites which echoed Reuters’ whitewashed headline.

Here are just a few sites that ran Reuters’ headline.

The Hartford Courant, which bills itself as “America’s oldest continuously published newspaper and Connecticut’s largest news organization,” only told readers the families “ask for massive punitive damages,” evidently deeming the nearly $3 trillion figure unworthy of a headline mention.

Irish news site RTE buried the 2.75 trillion dollar number in the sixth paragraph of their article, with a headline bluntly reporting plaintiffs “seek punitive damages.”

However, even that mundane headline did more due diligence than many highly respected mainstream publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN, which apparently did not find the ludicrous sum newsworthy enough to cover.

The report on the trillions appears to have gone so ill-received that even Bloomberg, first to announce the news, abruptly moved to change their headline and rewrite their lede sentence.

See changes in Bloomberg‘s headline and opening paragraph below:

Per Bloomberg, here’s exactly what SH lawyers asked for in their filing:

The only appropriate punitive damages award in this case is the largest award within the court’s power,” the families’ lawyers said in the filing. “The defendants have acted willfully, maliciously, and evilly, in full knowledge of the harm they are causing people who had no means to fight back, except to bring this case.”

MSM may have realized the SH lawyers jumped the shark when the gobsmacking $2.75 trillion sum began being roundly criticized on social media.

Jones’ attorney Norm Pattis commented, “At this point, the plaintiffs lawyers are merely headline chasing. They must think the ambulances they are chasing are made of platinum. It makes the law look like a game of chance. Shame on them.”

It’s likely MSM is deciding to omit or misrepresent the trillion dollar demand because the unreasonably excessive figure exposes the bloodsucking lawyers’ grift, and underscores exactly what the case was about in the first place: demonizing and destroying Alex Jones and Infowars.

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