MSM Hypocrisy Exposed In Pair of Viral Videos

Media's double standard on face masks and 'peaceful' protests revealed

Mainstream media’s hypocritical reporting is being mocked by internet users and Trump supporters.

Outlets are claiming CHAZ is “peaceful” while video and firsthand accounts from the “autonomous zone” show the complete opposite.

NewsBusters released a video on Tuesday showing CNN and MSNBC repeatedly lying about the state of affairs on the ground in Seattle’s no-cop zone.

Another clip making its way around the internet shows an MSNBC reporter asking Trump supporters in Phoenix, Arizona why they aren’t wearing masks.

“It’s not about the mask, it’s about the hypocrisy,” a woman wearing a MAGA hat replied. “The hypocrisy that it was okay for tens of thousands of people to go riot, to go and protest, but you cannot have a group of a thousand? This is not okay?”

“Are you concerned about you guys’ own health?” the reporter asked.

A man answered by asking, “Why don’t you ask the protesters and ask them why they aren’t wearing a mask?”

The American people are seeing right through mainstream media’s propaganda!