MSNBC Guest on Kamala Harris: White Husband Won’t Do, She Needs ‘Strong Black Man’

Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot

Image Credits: AGCA / Wikimedia Commons.

Imagine a Republican woman candidate whose conservative credentials are questioned by some….because the candidate’s husband is African-American.

Now imagine a Fox News show in which a conservative pundit advises that the candidate needs a “strong white man” as her advocate. A second conservative pundit agrees, adding: “let’s just be candid. When you’re saying she needs to have an advocate out there for her, it’s not going to be her [African-American] husband.”

Now imagine the firestorm that would light up the political/media landscape. Cries of sexism and racism would echo through the land. A woman can’t succeed without a “strong man?” And black men need not apply? Both pundits — and the show host if he hadn’t vigorously disagreed with their takes — would be banished from the boob tube by dawn.

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