MSNBC Guest Says He’d Use A Time Machine To Stop Trump Rather Than HITLER

"I'm no longer worried about going back to Germany in the '30s"

An MSNBC talking head declared Thursday that if time travel were a reality, he would not go back to stop Hitler, but would instead try to stop Donald Trump from becoming President.

Republican strategist Mike Murphy was part of a discussion regarding Trump’s musings on the death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria.

Former Obama administration official Richard Stengel slammed Trump, stating that the President does “not even perceiving the basic things other people perceive because he has so much denial, you know, that he is not able to see the things everybody else does which is incredibly dangerous.”

Then Murphy chimed in with this pearler.

“People joke about a time machine. I’m no longer worried about going back to Germany in the ’30s. I’ll go back and tell Fred Trump to be a lot nicer to your kid because he’s a little damaged and we’re dealing with it every day because we have him in the white house.”

Murphy continued “I disagree a little bit. I have the same view about the damage of institutions,” adding “There’s a little bit of hope.”

“I think people are starting to cook in that we have the crazy uncle temporarily in office.” Murphy exclaimed.

So, Murphy would rather go back and prevent President Trump than save millions of lives destroyed and wiped out by an occult fascist dictatorship.

It’s peak Trump derangement syndrome.

It’s also par for the course, a daily occurrence on MSNBC programming.

Trump later tweed out the following video from Lou Dobbs’ broadcast, which clarified his comments on Puerto Rico.