MSNBC Host: Hillary ‘Has a Much Deeper Relationship With Faith’ Than Trump

Spirit Cooking doesn't mean what Katy Tur thinks it means

Image Credits: Johnny Louis/WireImage.

An angry Katy Tur on Monday hailed Hillary Clinton as far more religious than Donald Trump.

During a discussion on evangelical voters with CBN’s David Brody, the MSNBC host reacted to the idea that some Christians prized Trump’s pro-life stance over other issues: “But when you’re talking about people of faith, Hillary Clinton has a much deeper relationship with faith than Donald Trump does.”

As the segment went on, the MTP Daily guest host became increasingly unhinged, saying of Trump: “He is tearing apart and just trashing the foundation of our democracy, our First Amendment. Yeah, you are all for the Second Amendment but he’s trashing the First Amendment.”

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