MSNBC Panel Meltdown After Pundit Says No ‘First Night’ Dem Can Beat Trump

Pundit admits Trump would overpower any Democrat

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MSNBC pundit Donny Deustch sparked aggressive pushback from fellow analysts after he asserted that none of the 2020 hopefuls who participated in the first night of Democrat debates could topple President Donald Trump.

Deutsch’s staunchest opponent, commentator Lawrence O’Donnell, even dismissed Deutsch’s assessment as having “zero value,” sparking a heated row between the stalwart leftists.

“I do not believe Elizabeth Warren, on stage with Donald Trump, beats him, and I think if we are honest with ourselves and we look hard at ourselves, a lot of people agree with me,” Deutsch said. “I also think, when you can label somebody a ‘socialist’ — 57 percent of this country thinks that word is un-American.”

“When he can blanket Elizabeth Warren as a socialist and he’s on stage with her, the Democrats lose.”

Deutsch expressed his admiration for Warren, calling himself a “big fan,” but conceded “she just doesn’t have what it takes to beat this president.”

Assured by anchor Nicole Wallace that he was in a “safe space,” Deutsch was asked who his ideal candidate is to take on Trump.

“I’m still sticking of an idealized version of the Joe Biden we want,” Deutsch replied. “I still, in my heart of hearts, don’t see anybody on that stage tonight who can beat Trump.”

O’Donnell interjected immediately in disagreement.

“Let’s just identify this for what it is: pure guesswork, a year and a half away,” O’Donnell said. “It has — Donny, I say this respectfully — zero value.”

A seemingly incensed Deutstch drowned O’Donnell out, responding, “Don’t tell me it has zero value. Don’t tell me it has zero value. It’s understanding human behavior, and I guarantee you, 90 percent of our audience agrees with me.”

“I am understanding Donald Trump and the way he connects with this country and the strength he exudes. We need to exude a stronger strength. It’s not a policy discussion.”

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