Mueller Refuses To Testify To Congress Over Fears Of ‘Appearing Political’

Move showcases Democrats playing politics rather than trying to find real answers

Image Credits: Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller is hesitant to appear before the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee over his fears that he will “appear political,” according to his team.

Mueller’s office and Democrats have been quietly negotiating a deal to appear before the Committee since chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) expressed his desire to have the special counsel testify after his report failed to deliver the collusion result they wanted.

Nadler even threatened Mueller with a subpoena over his refusal to appear before the House Judiciary Committee.

“We will subpoena whoever we have to subpoena,” Nadler said. “We will hear from Mueller. We will hear from McGahn. We will hear from a lot of other witnesses.”

Mueller rarely commented on his investigation while it was ongoing, and his spokesperson declined to comment on this story.

Attorney General William Barr said last week that he didn’t mind if Mueller testified.

“It’s Bob’s call whether he wants to testify,” Barr said.

What sort of information the Democrats want from Mueller that isn’t already in his 448-page report is unclear, as he’s also forbidden from disclosing grand jury material, which was redacted.

Mueller’s reluctance highlights that Democrats’ are now waging a political battle against President Trump rather than a legal one.

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