Multiple Maritime Accidents Around World – Reports

Oil tankers involved in attack in Red Sea, crash near China, reports indicate

Image Credits: Screenshot / Suezmax Daily / Twitter.

So far, an eventful Tuesday morning of maritime incidents around the world.

First, starting with “unconfirmed reports” that an oil tanker, possibly named “NCC Dammam,” has been attacked off the Saudi Red Sea port of Yanbu. The next incident is in the waters off China’s largest crude-receiving terminal, where a bulk carrier has struck a Liberia-flagged Suezmax tanker resulting in an oil spill. 

China’s Shandong Maritime Safety Administration said A Symphony, a Suezmax tanker carrying approximately one million barrels of crude oil in the Yellow Sea, was struck by a bulk carrier, causing it to spill crude. 

The ship’s manager told Bloomberg that all A Symphony’s crew had been accounted for and no injuries. As for the oil spill, local environmental disaster response teams have been dispatched to contain the spill and clean up. Vessels have been instructed not to sail within ten nautical miles of the incident. 

Refinitiv shipping data shows the incident occurred off the Port of Qingdao, a seaport on the Yellow Sea in the vicinity of Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. The port is the hub of the Shandong province’s private refiners, also known as teapots, and accounts for 25% of the country’s total refining capacity. 

Refinitiv data also shows the ship is fully loaded with crude and was headed to Qingdao. Though data now shows the vessel is moored off the coast. 

According to Marine Traffic, here’s a video playback of the incident when the bulk carrier smashed into A Symphony.

Suezmax Daily posts alleged pictures of the badly damaged oil tanker. 

“Reports of the A Symphony #Suezmax having a breach of double hull outside Qingdao. Info is circulating fast so checking the validity.” 

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