‘Murder on My Mind’: Female Rapper Celebrates Abortion While Twerking in Front of Planned Parenthood

'I'm BDF n***a, I'm Baby Daddy Free!"

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

A rapper’s disturbing music video glorifying abortion while twerking in front of a Planned Parenthood facility has gone viral.

The song, called “BDF” by TNFW Nique, shows black women twerking while celebrating being “Baby Daddy Free” after getting an abortion at Planned Parenthood.

Warning! The following video contains obscene imagery and explicit lyrics:

The extreme video got the attention of Candace Owens last month, who condemned the rapper’s celebration of baby murder, which the video makes clear in the song’s chorus, “Murder on my mind.”

“Do you have words? I don’t have them,” Owens said after showing a clip of the video. “I don’t have them, and I’m waiting for someone that feels that they are a better representation of black culture to speak out against this.”

The song lyrics are as follows [Warning: explicit]:

Huh, huh, yeah
Murder (Murder)
Murder (Murder)
They not fuckin’ with me

I’m BDF, n***a, baby daddy free
That mean I ain’t got a n***a baby comin’ outta me
So I’m A-B-O-R-T-I-N-G
On my way to the clinic, I forgot the Plan B
Let’s go
Bitch, I got murder on my mind (Murder)
Let’s go
Bitch, I got murder on my mind (Murder, murder)
Let’s go
Bitch, I got murder on my mind (Murder)
Let’s go
Bitch, I got murder on my mind

Look, I forgot the Plan B
Ain’t no n***a cuffin’ me
You can’t put me on a shelf, bitch, I’m outside with the team
All these bitches havin’ babies, but that ain’t finna be me
Said he wanna settle down, n***a sellin’ all thesе dreams
He got one kid, two kid, three kid, four
Bitch, hе cheaper by the dozen if his ass have any mo’
And I’m only 25, still got a couple years to go
I don’t need a babysitter ’cause this baby gotta go
It’s a shortage on the milk, and them diapers be expensive
I ain’t tryna be a MILF, so I swallow all his children
I got hyphy in my blood, so you know I’m big pimpin’
N***as tryna fall in love, tell them n***as I ain’t with it
I done took care of n***as, now it’s time to care for me
Rearrange the alphabets and skip the Ls, I’m a P
I be on these bitches’ necks, they like, “Nique, I can’t breathe”
VVSs in my Cuban and my wrist is AP

Fortunately, to Owens’ point, rap artist Kanye West aka “Ye” in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson spoke out against “black babies being murdered” through abortion, which represents “50 percent” of “black death” in America.

“I’m pro-life,” Ye explained. “I don’t care about people’s responses. I care about the fact that there’s more Black babies being aborted than born in New York City at this point. That 50 percent of Black death in America is abortion.”

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