Museum Forced to Adopt ‘Gender Neutral’ Pronouns For Ships After Offended SJWs Vandalize Signs

Admiral slams "political correctness gone insult to a generation of sailors"

A maritime museum in Scotland has been forced to change the pronouns of its ships to reflect ‘gender neutral’ codes of political correctness after offended SJWs vandalized signs for the second year in a row.

Yes, really.

Despite vessels being traditionally called female names, David Mann, director of the maritime museum, in Irvine, Scotland, said they would now have to be “gender neutral” because vandals targeted their “very expensive” signs once again.

The signs were attacked in places where they used the words “she” and “her”. Perhaps the vandals were upset that the ships had not been asked what gender they identified as beforehand.

Admiral Lord Alan West slammed the entire farce as “absolutely stupid,” noting that ships had been referred to as “she” for decades.

“It’s stark staring bonkers and political correctness gone mad….an insult to a generation of sailors, the ships are seen almost as a mother to preserve us from the dangers of the sea and also from the violence of the enemy,” said West.

The Admiral also criticized the museum for caving in to a tiny pressure group, warning it was a “very dangerous road we are going down”.

The Royal Navy subsequently issued a statement saying the tradition would not be changed, with a spokesperson saying, “The Royal Navy has a long tradition of referring to its ships as ‘she’ and will continue to do so”.

Imagine being offended by a ship being referred to as “she”.

Imagine risking prosecution simply to vandalize signs that proclaimed this.

These kind of deranged lunatics are being given power in society.

What could possibly go wrong?

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