Must-See Exclusive Interview! Owen Shroyer Talks With Kari Lake About Censorship, Election Integrity & More

Popular GOP candidate praises Infowars and Alex Jones for being the tip of the spear in the information war

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War Room host Owen Shroyer was able to talk with Arizona’s top 2022 GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake via Twitter Spaces on Wednesday where the pair discussed online censorship, election integrity and other topics.

Lake told Shroyer she suspects the GOP leadership didn’t want her to be elected because she’s a “major threat to them” and explained she doesn’t even want to be in politics in the first place.

However, with the state of the nation, she couldn’t stand by and watch the elite destroy America.

Lake also noted most other politicians are only worried about moving up the ladder while she only hoped to “fix Arizona” and get the heck out of politics altogether.

Towards the end of the conversation, Lake thanked Shroyer and the Infowars crew for their work, saying, “Talk about putting your neck out there… I mean, Alex Jones and those guys have been out there way before most people were.”

“Think about how frustrated we are, if you’ve been awake for a year or two, and imagine being an Alex Jones or those guys who have been awake for like decades,” she added.

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