Must-See: Giggling Greta Thunberg Questioned At Davos

Climate activist and globalist pawn cannot answer anything seriously

Image Credits: rebel news.

Rebel News reporter Ezra Levant was able to ask the globalist climate pawn Greta Thunberg some questions at this year’s WEF Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Right off the bat, Levant asked Thunberg “how many times” she rehearsed her recent staged arrest while protesting a German coal mine.

The activist laughed at the reporter’s question and refused to answer several others.

When other reporters asked Greta questions, she answered them while continuing to ignore Rebel News journalists.

Other media members were also upset with the presence of the alternative outlet.

After Thunberg continued laughing at the majority of questions asked, she told a reporter, “I don’t take anything seriously. I laugh all the time, so don’t take it personally.”

Throughout her walk around Davos, the activist mocked every question she was asked and failed to take anything seriously whatsoever.

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