MUST SEE POWERFUL INTERVIEW: Dr. Ben Marble Joins Infowars to Expose What’s Behind the Mass Deaths Following COVID Jabs

Experimental gene-editing jabs have weakened the immune systems of people all over the world, research has shown.

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Dr. Ben Marble joined Alex Jones on Wednesday to expose what is behind the mass deaths following widespread COVID injections.

“They’re gene-editing technology. And the simple reality about editing the DNA in your genome is we don’t know what 98% of DNA does. So, how would it ever make sense to alter it when we don’t know what the vast majority of it does?” Dr. Marble told Jones.

“It doesn’t make any sense. It was bad science from the start,” he said, adding the jabs had resulted in many people ending up with Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

Dr. Marble also pointed out how the safety and research protocols for the experimental mRNA vaccines were essentially suspended in a bid to get the jabs out as soon as possible.

“Safe and effective was the great big lie. We know they’re actually unsafe and deadly, killing people all over the world,” Marble noted. “So, if we want to follow the principle of ‘Do No Harm,’ Big Pharma is supposed to prove a product is safe before they give it to anybody.”

“In the research they did on the animals, the majority of the animals died, a little time passed, then they just started giving it out to people,” he added.