MUST-WATCH: Alex Jones Reveals NWO Strategy to Silence Populist Movement

Watch & share this bombshell interview where Alex Jones joins Steve Bannon to drop exclusive new intel on how the political Left plans to silence its opposition! DO NOT miss this!

Image Credits: War Room screenshot.

Radio host Alex Jones appeared on Steve Bannon’s ‘War Room‘ to reveal what to expect in the coming weeks now that the Sandy Hook show trial verdict has established the foundation for globalists to successfully wage ‘lawfare’ against conservative voices:

“We’ve been the victims of organized corporate cartels getting together and deciding to censor us, not because we lied, but because we are effective in mobilizing the populist movement,” said Jones to Bannon Tuesday morning. “I don’t have my free speech, you don’t have your free speech, and they’re really desperate that the general public – whether they be conservative or liberal – really have a populist sense of how free speech is important for everybody, whether it be an unsavory group like the KKK or the new Black Panther Party.”

“If they lose their rights, we all lose them.”

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