Must Watch! Capitol Police FIRED EXPLODING FLASH GRENADE Into Peaceful Crowd of Men, Women and Children on Jan. 6

Democrat narrative that Capitol protest was "armed insurrection" by Trump supporters collapsing by the day.

Image Credits: screenshot/Rumble.

New shocking footage from the January 6th Capitol protest shows the moment a flash bang grenade lobbed by police explodes within a crowd of nonviolent Trump supporters.

The video, obtained by The Gateway Pundit, shows a throng of Trump flag-waving supporters peacefully protesting well outside the Capitol building steps when a flash bang grenade is seen sailing into and exploding among the crowd.

Flash bang grenades at close range can cause hearing loss, eye damage and other injuries.

This footage is yet more evidence that the chaos that ensued outside the Capitol was instigated by Capitol police, not the Trump supporters.

Recently, more exonerating footage was released by American Greatness showing police firing upon nonviolent Trump supporters with stun guns.

“Look at that shit,” the footage shows Kash Kelly saying, founder of anti-BLM group Streetlights Unity Movement and Foundation. “American people standing out here, protesting the right way, and we’re getting treated like we’re fuckin’ not citizens.”

Likewise, more unearthed footage from inside Capitol building itself also destroys the Democrat narrative that the Capitol protest was an “insurrection,” as protesters are seen behaving peacefully.

Not to mention there’s even video showing some Capitol police cooperating with protesters, with some taking selfies with the crowd while other officers beckoned them further into the building.

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New Video From Inside Capitol January 6th Shows Police Working With Peaceful Protesters.