MUST WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Calls Aaron Rodgers a ‘Tin Foil’ Conspiracy Theorist for Wanting Jeffrey Epstein Client Names

"Tell me you're on the Jeffrey Epstein client list, without telling me you're on the Jeffrey Epstein client list," jokes Green Bay offensive tackle David Bakhtiari.

Image Credits: screenshot/ABC.

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel called Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers a conspiracy theorist for wanting to know the names from Jeffrey Epstein’s client list.

During an episode of his show last week, Kimmel said anyone who wanted to know things about the deceased pedophile’s child trafficking client list was a “tin-foil hatter.”

“Needless to say all this UFO talk has the tin-foil hatters going wild,” Kimmel began, referring to a recent spate of flying objects over American skies, “including Green Bay ‘whack-packer’ Aaron Rodgers.”

Kimmel then showed a clip of Rodgers on the Pat McAfee Show last month raising the issue of names of witnesses, victims, and accomplices related to Epstein’s child trafficking network, which are set to be unsealed after years of courtroom litigation.

“Did you hear about the Epstein client list about to be released, too?” Rodgers asked the host. “There’s some files that have some names on ’em that might be getting released pretty soon.”

“Nothin’ to see here,” Rodgers joked, noting only his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell faced any justice while the clients of his child trafficking network disappeared into the woodwork.

After playing the clip, Kimmel suggested Rodgers had brain damage.

“Might be time to revisit that concussion protocol, Aaron,” he snarked.

In response to Kimmel’s derisive remark, Green Bay offensive tackle and Rodgers friend David Bakhtiari quipped on Twitter, “Tell me you’re on the Jeffrey Epstein client list, without telling me you’re on the Jeffrey Epstein client list.”

That’s not the first time Kimmel was accused of having links to Epstein.

UFC fighter Joel Bauman last August accused Kimmel of being one of Epstein’s “pedophile” clients.

“Jimmy Kimmel viral this: I fight to eradicate childhood malnutrition from the planet and until they release the flight logs, you, the mainstream media, Hollywood, are all pedophiles to me. Eat dick. Am I cancelled yet dot com?”

As one Twitter user noted, wanting to see names tied to Epstein’s crimes “seems like something people not on the list would want to know.”

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