Must Watch: This Is How To Stand Up To The COVID Lockdown Nazis

Yet another heartening video out of Canada shows citizens are beginning to stand up to the medical tyranny

Image Credits: @ASmith89058723/Twitter.

Inspiring video out of Canada shows a store full of patrons refusing to back down to COVID-19 lockdown enforcers trying to shut the business down.

The footage, taken in Barrie, Ontario over the weekend, begins with a pair of government workers attempting to intimidate the owner of the Simmering Kettle bistro over a number of customers without masks.

One government worker appears to lecture the business owner about the number of maskless customers in the bistro in violation of COVID restrictions.

One fed-up customer interrupts to bring up an injunction that was filed over COVID regulations, telling the workers to refer to the sign outside the business instead of “preying” on business owners.

“You can’t prey on weak people, okay? And I’m not one of those people,” the customer says.

“You listen to me, there is an unlawful order here, so leave. You’re trespassing,” he adds. “Leave before I inform the police.”

“I’m obligated to –” the male worker says, before getting interrupted by seemingly all the customers in the store.

“GET OUT!” they yell. “GET OUT! GET OUT!”

“Get out of the restaurant, you’ve been asked to leave,” another man tells them.

A woman then confronts the female government worker and tells her she’s trespassing.

“I’m not trespassing,” the worker says.

“Show them the door! Buh-bye!” a customer shouts as another holds open the door for them until they exit the store, prompting the crowd to erupt into chants of “Freedom!”

This comes shortly after another video from Canada went viral showing a pastor shout down half a dozen lockdown officers who came on Easter Sunday to shut down his congregation.

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