N.J. Department of Education Vows To Punish Teachers If They Refuse to Teach Children About ‘Gender Identity’ & Anal Sex

School districts who don't go along with radical sex education standards will "face disciplinary action" or loss of funding, department states.

Image Credits: Tracey Quirk / EyeEm via Getty Images.

The New Jersey Department of Education has pledged to carry out “disciplinary action” against school districts that won’t implement the state’s new sex education standards, which include lessons about anal sex, abortion, and “gender identity.”

The New Jersey DOE threatened to pull federal funding after several school districts passed resolutions rejecting the adoption of the new sex ed standards, which were adopted in 2020 and are set to be enforced this month.

New Jersey Student Learning Standards are mandatory “and failure to comply can result in disciplinary action,” according to a statement from the Department of Education.

“For any children to be excused from any part of instruction in health, family life, or sex education, their parent or guardian must inform the school principal in writing that the instruction conflicts with their conscience or sincerely held moral or religious beliefs,” the department said. 

A mother of a student at the Berkeley Heights school district called the standards “harmful and offensive,” and noted it was difficult to ascertain on the school’s website exactly what her children would be learning. 

“As our government and newly appointed Supreme Court judge struggle to define ‘what is a woman,’ it gives parents like me little confidence those who write our updated state guidelines on sex ed have any business teaching my children how to safely have anal sex and about abortion. It’s an insult to parents and destructive to our children,” the mother told Fox News.

The Biden regime has imposed similar guidance rules at the federal level related to gender identity, which states like Florida have already vowed to reject.

The Biden WH also announced in May that it will require schools that receive federal funding for lunches to enforce its gender identity rules, such as allowing biological males to enter girls’ bathrooms, or face funding cuts.