NASA Claims New Rocket Will Take Astronauts to Mars in 45 Days

The revolutionizing technology that may allow travel at cosmic speed is called Nuclear Propulsion.

Image Credits: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/USGS | CC BY 2.0.

NASA is considering a faster way of traveling to Mars, which could take astronauts from Earth to the Red Planet in just 45 days.

According to the agency’s statement, the idea behind the technology is Nuclear Thermal Propulsion or Nuclear Electric Propulsion. It is a new class of bimodal nuclear propulsion that uses a wave rotor topping cycle. NASA has stressed that this technology will revolutionize deep space exploration.

A nuclear propulsion rocket consists of an atomic reactor heating liquid hydrogen propellant.

In turn, hydrogen propellant turns into ionized hydrogen gas and it is channeled through nostrils to generate thrust.

According to the agency, the interesting aspect is that thanks to this propulsion system, the vessel can go to Mars and back multiple times.

NASA stated that nuclear propulsion has been on the scene as a means of space exploration for a long time.

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