NBA Announcer Suspended For Tweeting ‘All Lives Matter’

Popular radio host issues groveling apology to woke mob

Image Credits: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

A popular NBA announcer and radio host has been suspended by his employer for tweeting the phrase “All Lives Matter.”

Grant Napear, dubbed the “TV voice of the Sacramento Kings” by local media, was placed on administrative leave by 1140 KHTK pending an investigation by the station into a ‘controversial’ Twitter exchange.

Amid national protests and riots promoted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, NBA player DeMarcus Cousins tweeted at Napear, “What’s your take on BLM?”

Napear, 60, responded, “Hey!!!! How are you? Thought you forgot about me. Haven’t heard from you in years. ALL LIVES MATTER…EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!”

Cousins seemingly revealed the loaded intent of his query, replying, “Lol as expected.”

Other NBA personalities quickly involved themselves in the conversation, including former Kings star Chris Webber, who wrote, “Demarcus we know and have known who grant is. The team knows as well. I’ve told them many times. They’ve seen it. They know who he is.”

In an apology delivered via the Sacramento Bee, Napear said, “I’m not as educated on BLM as I thought I was. I had no idea that when I said ‘All Lives Matter’ that it was counter to what BLM was trying to get across.”

“I’m in pain,” he said. “I’m 60 years old and I still have a lot learn.”

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