NBC Promotes Parents Who Refuse to Assign Gender to Their 3-Year-Old Twins

"This is a new parenting technique called 'theybies'"

NBC News attempted to normalize two parents who refuse to assign genders to their 3-year-old twins by suggesting that the decision was a trendy and growing parenting technique.

The video, which is entitled Raising ‘Theybies’: Letting Kids Choose Their Gender, features parents Julie and Nate Sharpe, who are, “raising their 3-year-old twins using the pronoun they, them and their to shield them from negative gender stereotypes” and refusing to disclose the biological sex of the children.

According to the father, male and female pronouns are being avoided so the children, “can decide for themselves when, if and how they want to identity as a gender.”

According to the mother, the two toddlers have no idea if other children are male or female, while the father admits that he is “nervous” about discussing gender with the children.

The mother says when the children ask about the issue, she will tell them that “gender is something that’s fluid” and that it’s “not necessary” to identify as male even if they have a penis.

The video shows the mother appearing to encourage one of the twins to put a female hair clip in his/her hair, suggesting that the parents’ warped beliefs about gender “fluidity” is being imposed on the children.

The entire video is backed by an upbeat, breezy soundtrack which clearly contributes to normalizing the issue.

Illustrating how NBC is attempting to portray a fringe movement as a growing trend, the report admits that a Facebook group for parents who raise their children in this way has garnered just 220 members, which is a tiny amount.

Commentator Dave Rubin responded to the video by citing criticism that he exaggerates the effects of post-modernism and cultural marxism.

“Of course the parents can do whatever they want, and the kids can (and will) eventually reject it accordingly. My thoughts are more directed at the ridiculous media which tries to normalize every ridiculous idea they pump out,” tweeted Rubin.

The video has received an overwhelmingly negative response on YouTube, with 506 thumbs down compared to just 22 thumbs up.

“It’s not really fair to the kids, sending them out into a world where they are going to be clearly at odds with the others,” remarked one viewer. “A lot of the time kids just want to fit in with the other kids and these selfish parents have taken that from them because of their weird politics they got from reading some vegan spirituality blog.”

“I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that this type of thing exists or the fact that NBC had the audacity to show it,” commented another.

“These fruit cakes are just setting their kids up for failure and misery. And lots of bullying. The little ‘safe space’ they have created in their home is nothing like how the real world is and these kids are in for a nasty shock when they get out there, say, to go to school, start dating, get a job. Little lunatics in the making,” responded another.


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