Nearly 4,000 Patients May Have Been Accidentally Exposed To HIV, Hepatitis

New Jersey surgery center says exposure due to 'deficiencies in infection control'

More than 3,000 patients at a New Jersey medical center have been told they may have been exposed to HIV, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B, according to The New Jersey Department of Health.

Patients who received treatment HealthPlus Surgery Center in Saddle Brook, between January 2018 and Sept. 7, 2018, are at risk.

According to AP, “Surgery center administrator Betty McCabe says the exposure was due to “deficiencies in infection control” involving the cleaning of instruments and injection of medications. McCabe says 3,778 patients are being urged to get their blood tested.”

The center is also offering to pay medical costs for those looking to get tested for infection.

Terrifying stories like this are one reason Americans are losing trust in the establishment medical industry and turning toward alternative medicine.

In fact, a recent Johns Hopkins study suggests medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in America.