Never Trumpers Jonah Goldberg, Stephen Hayes Quit Fox News in Protest of Tucker Carlson’s January 6 Documentary

Image Credits: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images.

Famous never Trumpers Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes quit as contributors for Fox News in protest of Tucker Carlson’s January 6 documentary suggesting that the Capitol Hill riot may have in part been sparked by the FBI.

In late October, as Carlson’s documentary hit the subscription service Fox Nation, Jonah Goldberg sent a text to Stephen Hayes wondering if he should quit the network.

“I’m tempted just to quit Fox over this.”

“I’m game,” Hayes replied. “Totally outrageous. It will lead to violence. Not sure how we can stay.”

Speaking with the New York Times, Hayes and Goldberg said they stayed on as contributors with Fox News despite their never Trump stance in hopes that they could help “right the ship” after the former president exited the White House. Those hopes were dashed with the arrival of Patriot Purge, Tucker Carlson’s documentary exploring January 6 and how the riot has allegedly been used by the Biden administration to crack down on patriotic Americans. Goldberg said the documentary was evidence that “people have made peace with this direction of things, and there is no plan, at least, that anyone made me aware of for a course correction.”

“Now, righting the ship is an academic question,” said Goldberg. “The ‘Patriot Purge’ thing meant: OK, we hit the iceberg now, and I can’t do the rationalizations anymore.”

Hayes, editor-in-chief of the now-defunct Weekly Standard, worried that the documentary could lead people into believing “that there’s a domestic war on terror and it’s coming for half of the country.”

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