New Adidas Ad Features Man With Bulge, Hairy Chest Modeling Woman’s Bathing Suit From Women’s Pride Collection

Images circulating on social media depict biological men in women's sports bras and bathing suits, in yet another woke affront to the female gender.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

A disgusting new ad by fashion brand Adidas features a biological man sporting a huge bulge modeling a swimsuit.

Images circulating on social media from the company’s “Pride collection for women” appear to show biological men in sports bras and bathing suits, in what seems to be yet another woke affront to the female gender.

Adidas and its revolting ad campaign, which also features “plus-sized” models, were brutally criticized on social media with several people urging a boycott of the company.

UK TalkTV show host Julia Hartley-Brewer pointed out she’d need to stuff a sock down her swimsuit to simulate the model’s bulge.

Speaking to TalkTV, Helen Joyce of the group Sex Matters commented women don’t want to see female-oriented clothes modeled by men.

“It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? If there are two places where men and women differ, it’s in sport and it’s in clothing,” Joyce stated, according to The Daily Mail.

“So why women would want to know what a swimsuit looks like on somebody with a crotch bulge, narrow hips and wide shoulders, and a flat chest is absolutely beyond me. I don’t know many men who would want to wear this swimsuit either. They’re welcome to if they want, but I don’t think they do. So what’s the market?”

Female olympians also spoke out against the brand’s woke marketing.

“Adidas, if you want to design a swimsuit for trans women, right on. They have different needs. But stop gaslighting women,” wrote Sharron Davies, a former British swimmer who previously won two Olympic medals.

Former British long-distance runner Mara Yamauchi also commented the company “could have paid [women] to model this. Instead they chose a man. Brands erasing women.”

Will the fashion line geared toward athletes be forced to endure a Bud Light-style boycott as a results of its awful decision to erase women?