New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy to Allocate $40 Million to Illegals, Senior Adviser Reveals

Democrat adviser admits in Project Veritas undercover video that Murphy campaign is hiding information from independent and undecided voters.

Image Credits: YouTube, Project Veritas Action.

Democrat New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy plans to designate $40 million in taxpayer funds to illegal immigrants, his senior adviser admitted in an undercover sting.

Unknowingly speaking to an undercover Project Veritas reporter, Wendy Martinez, Murphy’s senior advisor, divulged the massive amount and how the governor can’t reveal this until after his re-election.

“The [money] was for ‘excluded workers’…for the undocumented workers” Martinez tells the journalist.

“I think it’s forty million dollars, something like that…And to designate that much at this point would be political suicide.”

“If he allocates that much money to the illegals,” the journalist says seeking clarification. “So, he isn’t going to say anything right now.”

Martinez agrees, admitting, “There’s been some money given already.”

“I think that that the $40 million was what was already given,” Martinez says, adding New Jersey’s under pressure after the state of New York allocated $200 million for excluded workers.

“But he hasn’t said it because it’s suicide for him,” suggests the journalist.

“If he does it right now, yes,” Martinez says.

The undercover footage comes as Martinez revealed Murphy’s plans to impose vaccine mandates in the state, which she said he won’t announce until AFTER next week’s reelection.

When Veritas staffer James Lalino confronted Murphy on the vaccine mandate allegations, the governor walked away wearing a creepy smile and refused to answer any questions.

Murphy faces off against Republican nominee Jack Ciattarelli in an election to be held Nov. 2, 2021.

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