New Mexico Schools Warn Families to Expect Coronavirus Outbreak

Parents told to prepare for school closures

Image Credits: Robert Alexander/Getty Images.

Families in New Mexico are being warned by school officials to prepare for an outbreak of coronavirus, according to reports.

Letters from the Public Education Department being sent home with students indicate authorities are anticipating the infection will spread in the state, according to KOB4.

“No cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in NM to date, but this will likely change,” the letter warns.

Parents have been briefed about the possibility schools could close and are advised to follow common sense measures to prevent spread of disease.

Veronica Garcia, superintendent at Santa Fe Public Schools, claims too many New Mexico schools aren’t staffed with enough registered nurses.

“All students should have access to a licensed, registered nurse,” Garcia said. “I think that’s key. We appreciate our health assistants but they still require guidance from a nurse. Situations like this highlight the need.”

“It’s critical because for many children, the school nurse is really their first point of contact for health care.”

In Massachusetts, 15 students and three staff members from Old Rochester Regional High School were asked to remain at home after returning from a trip to Italy, where the coronavirus outbreak has been particularly widespread.

Multiple countries have announced nationwide closures of all schools due to virus, including Italy and Iran.

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