New Migrant Caravan Forming in Honduras

CBP chief warns migrants against trying to reach US

Image Credits: JOHAN ORDONEZ / Contributor / Getty.

A new ‘caravan’ of migrants hoping to reach the United States is forming in Honduras, according to acting Customs and Border Protection chief Mark Morgan.

In a statement, Morgan warned prospective foreigners against attempting to make the “dangerous journey” north.

Agreements formed between the U.S., Mexico, and Central American nations aimed at preventing mass migration will be upheld, he asserted.

“The United States stands united with our partners in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, and the rest of the region in our commitment to the rule of law and public health,” Morgan said.

“This commitment is not affected by a change in administration in the United States. Migrant caravan groups will not be allowed to make their way north in violation of the sovereignty, standing public health orders, and immigration laws of the respective nations throughout the region.”

More than 250 dead bodies were recovered on the southern frontier by Border Patrol agents during 2020, Morgan pointed out, also noting that nearly 50 illegal aliens were recently abandoned by coyotes during a severe winter storm in rural Texas, leaving two dead.

“These smugglers are reckless with human life – they do not care for the safety of migrants or law enforcement. COVID-19 compounds the risk of their activities, not only to migrants but also to healthcare workers, frontline officers and agents, and to the communities that migrants pass through on their journey,” Morgan said.

After 3,000 – 4,000 migrants departed from Honduras in late September, Guatemalan soldiers and police quickly intercepted them, sending the majority back across the border.

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