New Poll Shows Gen Z Has Most Negative Opinion of Cancel Culture

Is cancel culture canceled?

Image Credits: wildpixel via Getty Images.

A new Morning Consult poll reveals a quite surprising result – the most ardent generational opponents of ‘cancel culture’ is Gen Z.

While one would have expected boomers to be cancel culture’s most vehement adversary, it actually turns out to be the youngest generation.

The poll shows that 55% of Gen Z, those born between 1997 and 2008, have an overwhelmingly negative opinion of cancel culture compared to just 8% in the same age group who think the opposite.

As Paul Graham notes, “This trend is visible even within Gen Z. The younger the person, the higher the probability that they have a negative view of cancel culture.”

This negative view beats the 50% of baby boomers who think the same.

The survey also reveals the rather unsurprising truth that cancel culture’s biggest support comes from millennials, with 36% vehemently opposed.

While Generation Z seems particularly susceptible to ‘gender identity’ nonsense, there seems to be a hardcore within that age group which is genuinely starting to rebel against the ‘woke’ crusade.

According to previous research Gen Z is also more conservative both fiscally and socially, taking its place as “the most conservative generation since World War II.”



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