New Twitter “Hate Speech” Chief is a Trump-Hating Leftist

What could possibly go wrong?

The woman selected to help Twitter develop an algorithm which targets “hate speech” is a hardcore leftist who hates Donald Trump.

What could possibly go wrong?

Earlier today it was reported that Dr. Rebekah Tromble, an assistant professor of political science at Leiden University, “will examine echo chambers and uncivil discourse” on behalf of Twitter.

Tromble will help Twitter “develop algorithms to understand the different between intolerant discourse such as hate speech, and disagreement or incivility.”

In other words, she will develop the algorithm which could end up determining what speech is allowed and what speech is banned on the platform.

Given that Tromble is a hardcore leftist who has repeatedly expressed her hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters, don’t expect Twitter to move in any direction other than another giant lurch towards censorship.

“Trump quintupled down on his commitment to white nationalists. They’re just about all he’s got left,” Tromble tweeted in August last year.

“We march for solidarity–to let you know that you are not alone. #WomensMarch…And we march to remind the world that Trump is a #MinorityPresident,” she tweeted in support of the Women’s March just before Trump’s inauguration.

In another tweet, Tromble complains that Trump is not fulfilling “diversity” targets.

In February 2016, Tromble even wrote a piece for the Washington Post complaining about how HIllary Clinton “faces a barrage of negativity and a heavy dose of sexism on Twitter” from Trump supporters.

A Getty Images photo from 2008 describes Tromble as a supporter of President Barack Obama and shows her glowingly looking at a screen at a ‘Democrats Abroad’ event in Berlin as the results of the election come in.


Twitter has been under intense pressure over recent weeks to address its political bias and shadow banning of conservatives.

Choosing someone like Tromble to create an algorithm that will almost certainly lead to more intensive censorship clearly represents yet another slap in the face and another sign that Twitter has been taken over by hardcore leftists who despise free speech and diversity of opinion.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison