New Video Shows People, Dogs Eating Out of Trash in Venezuela

Socialist hellhole continues to be a warning to the world

A new video shows Venezuelans competing with dogs to eat from trash in the middle of the street.

Shot near Banesto Bank in Valencia, the third largest city in Venezuela, the clip shows people picking through garbage in the hope of finding scraps of food.

One man is seen shooing away children and dogs as he eats the scraps there and then, while others attempt to fill up a plastic bag.

Highlighting the desperation of the situation in Venezuela, in 2016, 74% of the population lost an average of 19lb of weight.

A third of the population eats two or fewer meals a day, while 1.5 million scavenge for food in the trash.

When Venezuelans are not dumpster diving, they are forced to eat stolen zoo animals or raw dead rats.

The crisis has been caused by rampant hyperinflation under socialist President Nicolas Maduro, with the IMF predicting consumer prices to rise by 2,200% this year.

Socialist policies such as price controls, factory nationalizations and government distribution of food have exacerbated the situation, while violence has reached unprecedented levels.

Venezuela’s highest denomination 100 bolívar banknote is now worth just 3 US cents on the black market.

Venezuelans are fleeing to Colombia, where a queue of migrants 8 miles long can be seen at the border crossing at Paraguachon.

Despite this and thanks to college campus indoctrination, many millennials in America are still blissfully ignorant to the dangers of socialism and Communism.

A poll conducted last year found that half of millennials would rather live under a socialist or Communist system than under a capitalist system.

President Trump commented on the situation in Venezuela during his UN speech last September, remarking, “Wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure.”


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison