New York County Officials Threaten to Forcibly Quarantine People Who May Have Come Into Contact With COVID-19

Individuals who refuse to isolate can be "confined in other manners," health director says

Image Credits: Noam Galai / Contributor / Getty Images.

Residents of Chemung County, New York, could be forced into quarantine against their will if they don’t obey orders to isolate, according to reports.

Officials there say they have the “statutory authority” to impose draconian measures on individuals who ignore quarantine mandates after returning from travel or being exposed to someone with COVID.

A letter sent by Chemung County Public Health Director Peter Buzzetti to a resident cites rules in the State Sanitary Code giving authorities the power to quarantine or isolate people who may be carrying communicable diseases.

“Failure to comply with this request may result in the issuance of a Public Health Director Order pursuant to Public Health Law § 2100, or a Court Order of commitment pursuant to Public Health Law § 2120 for your involuntary commitment enforced by CHEMUNG COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT and/or law enforcement officials,” states the notice, which was verified by Fox News.

The resident, who was reportedly targeted by contact tracers, was also threatened with possible “criminal prosecution” if they breached the order.

“Under public health law the public health director has statutory authority to require and enforce isolation and quarantine,” Buzzetti told Fox News.

“If an individual will not isolate or quarantine voluntarily the statute allows the public health director to have them confined in other manners.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo has imposed draconian medical tyranny on New Yorkers, requiring COVID testing and/or lengthy quarantines following travel from most U.S. states.

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