New York Magazine Tells Women How to Kill Their Babies in Abortions

Article claimed ending Roe will cause 'unimaginable suffering,' and promoted guide as tool to ease suffering.

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Americans remember a time not too long ago when most people believed in the goal of reducing abortions.

Now, political leaders and mainstream news outlets are doing the opposite, pushing to expand abortions as it appears likely the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade this summer. The underlying assumption is that women need to abort their unborn babies to be healthy and free, and, legal or illegal, an abortion is better than having a child.

The latest issue of New York Magazine is just one example.

On Monday, the magazine published its new issue with a bold cover that reads, “This magazine can help you get an abortion.”

Inside, Fox News reports the magazine included several articles with instructions about how to buy abortion drugs from home and how to skirt pro-life laws that likely will go into effect across half the country if Roe goes.

The magazine advertised its abortion issue as a “practical guide” for getting an abortion “today and tomorrow.” Irin Carmon, who wrote the main article, claimed that ending Roe will cause “unimaginable suffering” and promoted her guide as a tool to ease that suffering.

“The legal right to abortion is likely to disappear in half the country in a matter of weeks. Abortion itself, and the need for it, will not, and never has. The question is what it will cost medically, financially — and criminally,” she wrote.

According to Fox News:

The guide includes an interactive map of the U.S., and offers information on abortion clinics and laws by state, as well as the stories of women speaking out in favor of the right to choose.

… [Carmon argued] the good news is that in today’s world, an abortion “outside the blessing of the law” is no longer as dangerous or as disproportionate in its impact on minority women.

“Modern pharma and the old-fashioned USPS now enable an early pregnancy to end safely at home — that is, if you can evade surveillance and law enforcement, which have already criminalized people, mostly women of color, for their pregnancy outcomes, even where abortion is technically legal,” Carmon wrote.

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