New York Times Journalist Offers “Eulogy” to Killed Iranian Terrorist Leader

Tweets video of Qasem Suleimani reciting poetry.

New York Times journalist Farnaz Fassihi offered what some of her critics described as a “eulogy” to killed Iranian terrorist leader Qasem Suleimani after she posted a video of him reciting poetry.

“Rare personal video of Gen. Suleimani reciting poetry shared by a source in #Iran. About friends departing & him being left behind,” tweeted Fassihi alongside a video of Suleimani.

Given that Suleimani was responsible for the deaths of innumerable American citizens as well as orchestrating “a campaign of chaos against the United States around the world,” some questioned the tone of Fassihi’s response.

“Thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this time of sorrow,” quipped one respondent.

“Whenever you think the media can’t go lower, they surprise you!” commented Mike Cernovich.

“This man was a terrorist who murdered hundreds of American soldiers and this New York Times reporter is tweeting out video clips in an apparent effort to humanize him,” remarked Ryan Saavedra.

“This comes as close as this left-wing journalist dares to a eulogy for Suleimani. How could he be this evil figure? The man was a gentle soul and a lover of poetry! Next up: A touching photograph of Hitler painting a sunset,” tweeted Dinesh D’Souza.

After the backlash, Fassihi tried to defend herself, tweeting, “Folks attacking me for sharing this video: It’s called reporting. It’s not an endorsement or sympathy. I share whatever info I get for all to see. That’s all.”

Now we’re just waiting on the Washington Post to describe Suleimani as an “austere religious scholar.”


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