New Zealand PM: “There’s Not Going To Be An Endpoint To This Vaccination Program”

'Obviously we're rolling out boosters now so we've got another wave of people that we need to make sure we're protecting again.'

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Covid vaccines will continue to plague New Zealanders indefinitely, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern indicated Tuesday.

In a clip circulating on social media, Ardern told fellow Kiwis there’s no foreseeable end to the effort to jab everyone.

“So long as there’s people who are eligible who haven’t been vaccinated we have work to do,” Ardern said in an interview.

“There’s not going to be an endpoint to this vaccination program,” she says, going on to highlight the need for an indeterminate amount of booster jabs.

Even those who’ve been double-jabbed will be targeted by the government for booster jab follow-ups, Ardern said.

“Once we’ve…obviously we’re rolling out boosters now so we’ve got another wave of people that we need to make sure we’re protecting again.”

“So those who were vaccinated six months ago we really need them to come back or we need to go to them.”

The announcement is just the latest setback for the island-nation, which has seen its tyrannical leaders impose draconian mandates in recent years.

New Zealand imposed strict Covid restrictions earlier this month that block unvaccinated citizens from being able to access food, health care, petrol and pharmacies, and entry to all other public areas of society.

New Zealand Prime Minister Admits “There Will Not Be An End Point To This Vaccination Program”