NFI: Pathetic Pelosi Says She Had ‘Other Parties To Go To’ After Being Uninvited From Obama’s Superspreader Event

Pelosi turned up at Martha's Vineyard but wasn't allowed in

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Nancy Pelosi pathetically said that she ‘had other parties to go to’ after turning up in Martha’s Vineyard in an attempt to get into Barack Obama’s three day super spreader event, even though she had been uninvited after he ‘scaled back’ the party to just the 350 or so guests.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Pelosi instead had lunch with Oprah Winfrey, but bumped into Obama coincidentally after he had finished a round of golf (awkward).

A couple encountered Pelosi, who travelled by private jet, and asked her how Obama’s party was, prompting her to admit she didn’t go but claiming that she partied elsewhere.

NFI but turned up anyway.

What a loser.


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