NFL QB Says He Was “Forced” to Get COVID Injection

League making "life miserable with all the protocols," says Ryan Tannehill

Image Credits: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images.

A high-profile NFL quarterback says he was effectively “forced” to accept an experimental COVID injection.

Tennessee Titans star Ryan Tannehill announced he is receiving COVID jabs despite otherwise being opposed to the medical procedure as it pertains to the coronavirus, Outkick reports.

“I’m currently in the process right now,” Tannehill told the press on Thursday.

“The NFL has kind of made it clear what they want to happen. If you don’t fall in line, they’re going to make your life miserable with all the protocols.”

Tannehill expressed his frustration at being backed into a corner by the league.

“I wouldn’t have gotten the vaccine without the protocols that they’re enforcing on us. I think it’s a personal decision for everyone. Everyone has to make the best decision for them and their families,” he explained. “That’s kind of our mindset in this building. But they’re trying to force your hand, and they ultimately have forced a lot of hands by the protocols.”

“I want to be able to compete and do the things I think are important to build chemistry and win football games. Ultimately, that forced my hand into getting the vaccine.”

The NFL recently warned of heavy penalties for teams with players who run afoul of new tyrannical COVID mandates.

Members of multiple organizations are now obligated to publicly reveal their personal medical information via color-coded armbands.

Pittsburgh Steelers players who have not received a COVID jab must wear yellow wristbands.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are employing a similar system of segregation, as players who have opted to decline an injection will wear yellow wristbands while those who have been jabbed will sport red bracelets.

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