NFL Star Used Shotgun to Foil Home Intrusion

Philadelphia Eagle Fletcher Cox puts Second Amendment to use

Image Credits: Patrick Smith/Getty Images.

A home intruder was scared off by Philadelphia Eagles star Fletcher Cox when he grabbed a shotgun and called police, according to reports.

Cox was at his home when the suspect, Corbyn Nyemah, began a siege of the property in an attempt to track down his ex-girlfriend, according to court documents obtained by ABC 6 Action News.

Nyemah allegedly damaged his ex-girlfriend’s car, which was parked at Cox’s home, before attempting to force entry into the house by “throwing rocks through the front door.”

“Court records also reveal surveillance cameras at Cox’s home capturing Nyemah walking around the exterior of the property with a baseball bat and attempting to enter the garage multiple times,” ABC 6 reports.

“After Cox armed himself with a shotgun, he called police reporting a man attempting to break into his home.”

Nyemah reportedly fled the property and led police on a chase, but was eventually apprehended by U.S. Marshals.

“Nyemah wouldn’t go on camera but didn’t deny the attack,” said WPVI reporter Chad Pradelli, who confronted Nyemah at his home.

“He told me most of what was detailed in court records was true. Police say surveillance outside Cox’s [home] captured much of the attempted burglary. Nyemah says he wanted to talk to his ex-girlfriend who he dated for 2 yrs.”

Nyemah reportedly sent a photo of himself brandishing a firearm to his ex-girlfriend following the police pursuit.

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