NGO-Fueled UN Declares War On America – Watch

This is a globalist assault on the US

Image Credits: infowars.

Jay Sekulow’s European Center for Law & Justice (ECLJ) recently released a groundbreaking report detailing how left-wing NGOs have infiltrated the office of the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner to advance a radical Open Borders and pro-abortion agenda.

The report, which is nothing short of divulging Hitler’s Master Plan Of The East before the invasion of Poland, has of course been completely ignored by all of the mockingbird media.

But the revelations are as solid as they are terrifying.

Fortunately, the Gateway Pundit discusses in great detail the ECLJ report, uncovering the infiltration of the ECHR or the European Court of Human Rights and the OHCHR or the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights by NGOs “in particular the Ford, Open Society, MacArthur, Call for Code (founded and chaired by Bill Clinton) Foundations, as well as Microsoft, Counterpart International, and Wellspring Philanthropic Fund.”