NHL Player Refuses To Wear LGBTQ Pre-Game Jersey ‘To Stay True To Myself And My Religion’

Sports commentators lose it over single player opting out of propaganda campaign

Image Credits: Jared Silber / Contributor / Getty.

Ivan Provorov, a defenseman for the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers, refused to join his teammates in Tuesday night’s pregame skate because he didn’t want to wear an LGBTQ+ Pride Night warmup jersey.

Provorov told the press after the game that as a Russian Orthodox, he wanted to stay true to himself and his religion, adding, “I respect everyone. I respect everybody’s choices.”

Mainstream media pundits predictably lost it over the player’s rogue decision to stay true to his beliefs.

As Jack Posobiec noted on Twitter, “A chubby Canadian journalist” was seen “sobbing on air and pounding the table, demanding the Flyers be fined bc Provorov wouldn’t wear a Pride jersey.”

The commentator called for the NHL to fine the Philadelphia Flyers $1 million for allowing the player to opt out of the pride propaganda promotion.

A female sports anchor chimed in and compared Provorov’s decision to the Islamic nation of Qatar banning LGBT gear at last year’s World Cup.

Harrison Smith covered the controversial hockey story during Wednesday’s live broadcast of The American Journal:

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