Nigel Farage: “Communist Takeover” Underway In UK, CCP-Linked Firms Buying Schools

Image Credits: Nigel_Farage/Twitter.

Brexit founder Nigel Farage warned that a “Communist takeover” of UK schools underway as firms connected to the Chinese government are buying up private schools across the country.

17 schools are already owned by Chinese companies, 9 of which are owned by firms whose founders or bosses are among China’s most senior Communist Party members, according to reports.

Farage warned the UK government Saturday to “wake up to the dangers and act quickly” because “the world is being taken over by stealth by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Under a neo-colonial project, President Xi Jinping hopes to achieve global economic domination via massive international investments.”

“For example, three schools and a network of colleges are now owned by the Bright Scholar Group, run by Yang Huiyan, whose billionaire father is a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party. In essence, this is nothing less than a Communist takeover of part of Britain’s private education sector,” Farage said.

“Meanwhile, there’s the role of the Confucius Institutes. Under the control of the Chinese government, its students are taught a grossly sanitised version of Chinese history and politics,” he added.

“These people are being taught that China is the future, they are literally being indoctrinated by the Chinese Communist Party,” Nigel Farage said, adding nothing is being taught about the human rights abuse in the Uighur camps or the erosion of democracy in Hong Kong.

The U.S. is facing a similar Communist takeover in its schools, with Joe Biden dismissing rules for CCP-bacled Confucius institutes to disclose their activities, essentially allowing a foreign influence operation to go on unabated in America.

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