Nigel Farage: Police investigate Brexit Party leader’s vow to ‘take knife to pen pushers’

Mr Farage's remark comes amid increased concern over the language being used by some politicians over the Brexit impasse

Police are investigating after Nigel Farage told an audience in Newport “we’ll take the knife” to civil servants after Brexit.

Dozens of complaints have been made to Gwent Police about the Brexit Party leader’s comments, made at an event at the Neon Theatre, believed to have been last Saturday.

In a video, Mr Farage says: “And when the president of the port of Calais and the boss of the port of Dover tell you they’re 100% ready for Brexit in whatever form it comes, I suggest we listen to them and not the overpaid pen pushers in Whitehall who are not doing an neutral job.

“And once Brexit’s done, we’ll take the knife to them. Alright? Had enough of all of it. Had enough of all of it.”

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