No Fly Zone Equals WW3 – Watch

The world is in a dangerous place

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The chirping agents of the New World Order are mindlessly and relentlessly demanding a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

As a passive public allows the fire to be stoked, there can only be one result if a no-fly zone is authorized, the acceleration of World War 3 followed by a very good chance of nuclear devastation.

If the talking head idiots succeed, a 24-hour Airborne Warning And Control System, long-range radar surveillance and control center for air defense AWACS would need to be protected by NATO’s Air Force which would quickly cause allied fighter jets to engage Russian jets and force a NATO attack on Russian anti aircraft systems.

That would be the point of no return. The globalists would be safe in their massive bunkers and according to Putin’s posturing, China’s backing and Russia’s protocols a nuclear offensive would be imminent.

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