‘No Mask Allowed’ at Florida Gun Shop

Business stresses importance of seeing faces of customers purchasing firearms

Image Credits: Rogue Millennielle / Twitter.

A firearms dealer in Florida has banned the wearing of masks in the business.

Customers at Red Ryder Armory in Jacksonville are not permitted to obstruct their faces while inside the establishment.

“Florida as f***,” Twitter user Rogue Millennielle wrote on post containing a photo of a door and signage at the armory.

“No Mask Allowed Beyond This Point,” reads a sign in the shot.

“Our point of view is simple,” Red Ryder Armory told Infowars. “We sell firearms. If you’re coming in our store to purchase a firearm, we want to ensure that your face matches your ID. We also want our video and facial recognition system to have full view of your face.”

Rogue Millennielle says she was “happy to oblige the shop owner’s request, and it’s perfectly reasonable for a small business owner to want to see his customers’ faces.”

“Unlike useless cloth masks, that’s a real safety consideration, especially in a store selling weapons,” she told Infowars.

As one user noted in the replies, “Before march 2020, it was illegal to cover your face most everywhere. As it should be.”

Red Ryder Armory would not be the first Florida gun shop to ban face coverings since the start of the coronavirus crisis.

Guns and School Training Center in West Palm Beach made waves in June when a ‘no mask’ policy was implemented.

“Just pure, pure safety,” owner Alex Shkop told local media when asked about his reasoning behind the decision.

“We have zero problems with the mask as a concept,” he said. “It’s just the safety issue. We have people in the store and we don’t want any problems.”

Florida has become a beacon of hope for many who wish to exist in relative freedom as other states and countries impose draconian medial tyranny under the guise of ‘fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.’

Gov. Ron DeSantis has repeatedly extended an executive order he signed in September banning cities from imposing or enforcing local mask mandates.

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