No Thanks: Company Develops Robot to Conduct COVID-19 Nose Swabs

Yikes! Sketchy contraption looks to automate COVID testing

A biotechnology firm hopes its new robot will help automate COVID-19 nose swabs, in a frightening glimpse of what’s to come.

Taiwanese medtech company Brain Navi has released a video demonstrating a robot conducting a COVID test using a long nasal swab, which has been described by some as one of the most painful ways to test for the virus.

For illustration purposes, this is how far back a nasal swab needs to go for proper samples to be collected:

The robot seems so sketchy, even the trendies over at The Verge were hesitant on the terrifying contraption:

Of all the entities I don’t want sticking cotton swabs up my nose, an industrial robot arm is pretty high on the list, right between an excitable toddler and a trained mountain gorilla. A nasal swab requires trust.

Check out video of the robot below, and for the love of God fight back against the grim future presented before us.