Nolte: CNN Uses Soviet-Style Airbrushing to Erase Redskins Logo from ’70s Biden Photo

Imagine what else these liars are airbrushing

Image Credits: Screenshot.

“CNN appears to have altered a widely seen photograph of Joe Biden with his young son to remove the logo of the Washington Redskins,” reports Fox News.

Before I get into the details, do yourself a quick favor and mull on this…

If CNNLOL is willing to go to all the trouble to lie about little things like this to protect Joe Biden and to defeat Trump, imagine the lengths CNNLOL is currently going to to lie and mislead and gaslight over big things. Stuff that matters. Thought of that should put a chill straight up your spine.

In June, on Father’s Day, Biden, the Democrat nominee for president, shared a photo of himself and his young son, a sweet photo of the boy lying comfortably in his father’s arms. The little boy is wearing a hat with a Redskins logo.

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