Non-President Spirals Country Into Distress

Chinese puppet destroying America just as predicted

Image Credits: infowars.

It has been a long week for old Joe Biden, who miraculously ended his week with an embarrassing dementia-riddled breakdown of the administration’s inevitable mishandling of Amtrak.

Over the weekend Biden restricted travel from India effective May 4 over a Covid surge while canceling the military-funded border walls contracts so that Covid floods directly over our southern border and is shipped into largely unknown communities nationwide courtesy of U.S. tax dollars.

As the NSA reported, “Estimates are that between 5% and 50% of the persons crossing without documentation are COVID positive.”

America is twisting in the wind, fronted by weekend at Bernies understudy Joe Biden.

Biden promised unity, but Jen Psaki just corrected that misunderstanding. And after the CDC changed course by accepting common sense and allowing the sheep to go maskless in the great outdoors. NWO tyranny puppet Biden has been told that the show must go on.

Election fraud fatigue, low energy, and arrogance are in control now as America is taunted with Andrew Cuomo now leading weekly COVID-19 advisory calls with the nation’s governor after causing roughly 15,000 nursing home deaths.

Hunter Biden, whose treasonous laptop scandal of Ukrainian and Chinese pay to play was whitewashed by mainstream media and Silicon Valley, will literally lecture at Tulane on “fake news” while James Comey will teach “ethical leadership” at William & Mary and serial rapist and Jeffrey Epstein cohort Bill Clinton will educate the sheep on “empowering women worldwide.”

Operating on incompetence, hubris and power, the Biden Administration public relations plan is to demean and insult your intelligence into submission. Good luck with that.