NY Gov Cuomo Calls For Pro-COVID Vaccine “Education Campaign” Directed At “Black, Brown and Poor Communities”

Image Credits: Pacific Press / Contributor / Getty.

During a Wednesday press conference, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed for an “education campaign” aimed at battling skepticism over the COVID-19 vaccine, specifically among “black, brown and poor communities.”

“First we’re going to have to have a real public education campaign to battle the skepticism,” he declared. “Just think of the math on this. You have to get to 75 percent to 85 percent of the overall population vaccinated for the vaccine to be effective. 50 percent of the population right now says they don’t want to take the vaccine. You cannot get to 75 percent if 50 percent don’t take it, so we’re going to need a real public education to dispel the skepticism that already exists.”

“Second, and very important to us in the state of New York, this has to be done in a way that protects social justice. The healthcare system discriminates against black, brown and poor communities,” he claimed. “You have fewer healthcare facilities in poor communities. Higher death rate, higher infection rate in these communities, higher percentage of essential workers in these communities. We want to make sure when we do the vaccine that it is done in a just, and fair, and equal way.”

Meanwhile, in a flashback to October, Cuomo told ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos Americans “should be skeptical” about the vaccine and that he’s “not confident” in the FDA.

“The CDC George, and the FDA, doesn’t have any credibility,” he added.

With top Democrats like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden telling Americans they won’t take a vaccine if asked to by Donald Trump, it’s no wonder their constituents are having second thoughts.

Prepare for a massive influx of pro-vaccine propaganda aimed at Democrat voters who have been told they should only trust the vaccine if it’s recommended by one of their pre-approved politicians.