NY Governor Hochul Says, ‘I Don’t Need To Have Numbers’ When Questioned On Concealed Carry Permits

Democrat politician openly admits she doesn't have statistics to support her policies

Image Credits: YUKI IWAMURA / Contributor / Getty.

New York’s unelected Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul on Wednesday shockingly told a reporter she doesn’t have to provide data or numbers when making decisions on the state’s gun laws.

WRGB NY news anchor Anne McCloy asked the governor if she had numbers showing concealed carry permit holders commit crimes.

“The lawful gun owner will say you’re attacking the wrong person,” McCloy explained. “It’s really people that are getting these guns illegally that are causing the violence, not the people going and getting the permit legally. That’s the basis for the whole Supreme Court argument. Do you have the numbers?”

Providing a poor response politically, Governor Hochul stated, “I don’t need to have numbers. I don’t need to have a data point to point to to say this is gonna matt… All I know is I have a responsibility to the people of this state to have sensible gun safety laws.”

She continued, “I don’t need a data point to make the case that I have a responsibility to protect the people of the state.”

It’s a sad day in America when politicians blatantly tell the people they don’t need statistical evidence showing their policies will be effective.